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Hosting Brunch

Well since it is Easter and all I thought I’d write a little something about my favorite part of this day…BRUNCH! I love everything about brunch. From the food, to the decorations, and spending time with your friends and family. Although attending brunch is super fun, a lot of pressure is on the host to make it absolutely perfect! And this may not always be an easy task. Here are a few tips to help you host the best, and easiest brunch possible!

1. Plan ahead. This one is difficult for the procrastinator in all of us, but you will thank yourself for it! Instead of leaving the grocery shopping, decorating, cooking, etc. all until the day before or even the day of, spread your tasks out so that there is less stress on you and you can enjoy the day.

2. Send your invites out early. The earlier you know who is attending, the earlier you can start planning your grocery list. Make sure your list isn’t too much for you to handle. This is supposed to be fun, not stressful.

3. Plan your menu. As soon as you know who is attending you can start planning your menu and grocery list! Make your life a little easier by choosing items that can be made ahead of time and reheated for the day of the brunch. This will be helpful!

4. Plan activities for kids. This is important only if children are attending (obviously). But I know this one from experience! Kids are a blast to have at events like this as long as they are entertained. Try doing an Easter egg hunt or maybe a coloring activity. The parents will thank you.

5. Decorate the night before. There is nothing worse than stressing about decorations the day of your event! If you decorate the night before it is sure to turn out better because you will have more time, and you can add finishing touches in the morning. You will thank yourself when your home looks fabulous before the guests arrive!

Last, and definitely most important, have fun! Hosting events is only stressful if you make it stressful. Everyone knows how hard you work when you are the host and they will appreciate it even if it isn’t perfect. So relax, enjoy the food, and make yourself a mimosa. You’ve earned it!